If you like to sew, then you know just how fussy silk fabric can be. The edges have this tendency to fray and pull, and the fabric will literally crumble at your fingertips if you are not careful. However, the upside to fabric that is made from silk is the luxurious feel that you get when you touch it. Like you imagine wrapping yourself in it over and over until you are all covered. Silk feels good on your skin, it feels great between your fingers, and it is a fabric that many people love to use and wear. There are many different kinds of silks, how do you know which one to choose for what?

When you are investigating silk fabric to find the best one to use for the purpose you need it, you are more than likely going to run into dupioni. You will find that dupioni silk is the best of all silks, it feels the best between your fingers, and on your skin when you are wearing it. This silk is the most expensive that there is, and you will find that there is none more luxurious anywhere.

Chiffon silk fabric is another one that you are likely to come across. While this type of silk fabric is elegant is gorgeous, you will find that it is also affordable. More so than the dupioni. This is good news if you are looking into getting into a huge project with silk, and the kind that you are to use for the project is up to you. You will find when using chiffon for your projects what ever it is, that it is the easiest to work with, and you will have no problems getting this fabric to cooperate.

If you are looking for silk fabric to go into a crazy quilt, you will find that any kind will do. In this kind of quilt any kind of fabric goes, silk or not. It is always great to add a touch of silk to this type of quilt. However, it is mandatory to do so. You will find that the silk in a crazy quilt will pull out the softer side, and you will love the end results as will the person that you are making the quilt for.

Silk fabric has many different uses. You can use it for whatever you want to. You can be creative and put it in a quilt, make drapes, make clothes, or just drape the fabric over a curtain rod without ever sewing a stitch into it. There are so many things that you can do with this fabric that you will have no problems using it all up. Use your imagination and have fun with it. You will love the end result.

Source by Charlena S. Stadelman

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