The big city can have its advantages. You can easily look for a job and meet a lot of people. Plus, there is something about the tall towering buildings and the busy street life that captivates people. But, there will also come a time that we would like to take a step back and enjoy nature. This is why adding something green inside your apartment will help you have a nature trip right the comfort of your own home.

Plants are a very nice addition to your home decoration. Not only that, select plants that have a dual purpose. They should serve not only one purpose but two which is for decoration and for other purpose like a healthy purpose.

A good example to this is the aloe plant. They are very good as decorations and can be used to help treat burns. They are very easy and cool when applied to the skin healing the burnt skin a lot faster.

If you have children inside your apartment, you might want to surround them with plants as much as possible. As long as they are not allergic to such plants, you can fill your home with green plants if you want.

Aspidistra is another good choice to add to your home. They do not need to much attending to. They only need little amounts of sunlight to thrive and just small amounts of water to survive. This allows you to tend to other important things and still get the nature vibe inside your home.

The cactus is another plant that is low maintenance. They do not need water to survive and come at different shapes and sizes. The only problem with the cactus is that they can prick your children or your pets if they get too close.

In terms of pets, you might want to check out some great plants that are not dangerous or even poisonous to your pet. Poinsettias are very dangerous to your pets. Try to ask for some advice before you buy one.

So, whether or not you are a nature enthusiast. It is always refreshing and relaxing to surround yourself with green leafy plants even if you are surrounded by concrete walls outside.

Source by Chad P Taylor

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