Family Reunion


Mommy – Mommy of Young Girl
Daddy – Daddy of Young Girl
Tita Doctora – Mommy of Ate Engineer
Tito Attorney – married to Tita Attorney's wife (no child)
Tita Attorney's wife – married to Tito Attorney (no child)
Tita OldMaid – Old maid Aunt, living with Lolo and Lola
Tita Bulakbol – Mommy of Young Boy Bading, did not finished studies
Ate Engineer – daughter of Tita Doctora
Young Girl – daughter of Mommy and Daddy
Young Boy Bading – son of Tita Bulakbol

Setting: at Lolo and Lola's ancestral house during a Family Reunion

Lolo: Darling, are all our children present?

Lola: I am not sure Darling, I have not seen Bulakbol and her son Bading.

Tita OldMaid: Hay! Mom, Dad, do not you just waste your time waiting for those two undecided people. Maybe they hang out with their pimps last night!

Tita Doctora: OldMaid! Do not talk to Mom and Dad like that, especially when you're referring to our youngest sister Bulakbol. Yes, she made a wrong decision when she did not concentrate on her studies, but that was already in the past.

Tita Oldmaid: That was in the past, but her present life is affected and she has a sissy son! What a big mistake and she will forever suffer that consequence.

Tito Attorney: Oldmaid, yes it was a shame for our family that the only young boy in our next generation is a sissy, but according to Law, every man has his rights to live and be responsively properly as a human being. Do not treat our nephew like that.

Daddy: Hey, sisters and brother, let us stop this argument, there is nothing to argument about. We are all here to be together and make this day a happy one for our parents.

Young Girl: Daddy, Daddy, why do we have this Family Reunion?

Daddy: Young Girl, we have this family reunion to get together with our extended family, be with your grandsparents, share the blessings and life stories of each other.

Mommy: We are also here to bond with the entire family and feel the sense of being with them.

Tita Attorney's wife: We are also here so that you get the chance to get to know your cousins. Here is your Ate Engineer, though she's years older than you are, she is still fond of playing with her set of Barbie collection. She is also willing to share her collection with you, Young Girl.

Ate Engineer: Come on, Young Girl, let us play with my latest Barbie dolls. I here the Kiddie Barbie and Angel Barbie.

Young Girl: Let's go, Ate Engineer.

Young Boy Bading: Good day, Everyone! Hello Ate Engineer! Hello Young Girl! Where are you going? Are you going to play with those dolls?

Young Girl: Yes, Ate Engineer invited me to play with her Barbie dolls.

Young Boy Bading: Good, I also bought my own Barbie dolls, can I join you?

Ate Engineer (not so convinced): Ok, you may.

Tita Bulakbol: Hello Sisters! Hello Brother! Hello Mom and Dad! Are we late?

Tita OldMaid: As usual, like how you were in school before.

Lolo: Oldmaid, Oldmaid … can you please spare this day?

Tita OldMaid: Ok, I will just shut my mouth.

Tita Bulakbol: So how's everybody? My son, hmmmm..daughter..whatever you may call him / her, is very good in designing gowns. At his young age, he had already designed these gowns and he's earning money now. That is why, we are late today. We tried to finish some of the orders last night.

Tita Attorney's wife: Really? That's great! Your young boy can be a great help to you.

Tito Attorney: But do not forget to teach him the importance of finishing a career, huh!

Tita Bulakbol: Yes, I have learned my lessons, if only I will be given the chance, to go back to school, I will.

Lola: Why not, Bulakbol? You can have your inheritance earlier so you can have money to send yourself to school.

Tita Bulakbol: For now, I would like to concentrate more in guiding Young Boy. As you can see, he had chosen to act like a girl. I am still hoping that a miracle would happen and turn him out into a real boy.

Mommy: Why do not you divert his attentions and interests to things that might help him develop his skills as a boy? Like, instead of allowing him to play with dolls, play with him using a ball or let him join the companies of boys instead of girls. Instead of designing gowns, he might also be interested in designing houses. What do you think?

Tita Bulakbol: Oh great! That is a very good suggestion!

Young Boy Bading: Mommy! Mommy! Look! Ate Engineer showed me these beautiful houses! I want to make wonderful house designs like these!

Tito Attorney: Oh yes, Boy Bading, that career would be great! And that will make me proud of you!

Daddy: You will even get higher income on that career, keep it up son. You're going to be great in the future!

Young Boy Bading: Thanks for your support. I promise I will try to change my preference. I will try my best to become a pride of this family. All the while I Thought that Mom and I hadrought only misfortune to this family. Now, I have provided that we are also important.


Source by Adora Mendoza

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