Good decision, it only takes a second to make, but a lifetime to either fulfill itself or change. That is where it is at, good decisions. Indeed, only bad decisions are genuinely quickly changeable. Think about it. The best decisions are the most powerful and quickest made. The worst decisions are the quickest and the quickest changed. Sure, analyze those statements and see if they are not true and real in your own life, because I know they are true and real in mine. If they were not, everything would be perfectly good or perfectly bad all the time, which we know is never the case.

Listen, all big successes always have some temporary defeats and all big failures, have some seeming successes. Even Bill Gates had Vista, Napoleon Hill had his first unsuccessful book "The Magic Ladder to Success" before "Think and Grow Rich," and Charles and Marilyn Manson, also Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow have a sort of following. Get my message. Nothing is perfectly one way if it is big or small, that is what makes life, life. The up side, the down side, all sides, all conditions make up the totality of existence, and they exist somehow. Now, I am not saying that a winner is not a winner and a loser is not a loser. Do not get that idea. A real loser will have seeming "slick get away with it times" before he gets caught at the bottom. But a real winner will have up and down before the permanent success that puts them over the top. My point is that a winner has persistence that makes them a winner. A real loser gets away with all they can before the permanent loss makes them give up. See, I am still on message here. Why do you think winning is everything and losing is nothing in a genuine sense?

So, the rest of this article will be about winners: Think, what makes a winner, the ability to persist until you succeed, no matter what. That is so simple, that being a loser is always more "complicated." But the winner is the best because he has genuine courage instead of that "complex" and "what if I had" or "I do not want to go through that" cowardice. Greatness comes to those who earn it through paying the price, no matter what is said about ease and if it is "free" you have to at least put out the effort to claim it. Get it?

Source by Joshua Clayton

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