As much as it is exciting to bring up such a pet as a dog, you should not rush into it without carrying out necessary research first of all. It is in this way that you will know things that will help to maintain the love between you and your pet. When you want to return a guard dog, you should be aware of a number of factors in addition to its breed.

This article will enlighten you on a 6 important factors.

1) Research

It is your thorough research that will help you to determine the appropriate breed to take. This will enable you to know some of the characteristics of your chosen breed, which will help to avoid possible frustrations later. You may do your research either offline in places like dog rescues centers or online.

2) Your Family

Before you bring your pet dog home, you should know what each member of the family thinks about the issue. Your type of family will help you in selecting the appropriate breed – for example, one that will not threaten the safety of your kids.

3) Your Home

This is another important area that you need to take into consideration once you have bought the opinion of your family members and chosen the right breed. For instance, you need to know wherever your landord accepts the keeping of dogs in the compound in case you are renting. The space you have will likewise influence the type of breed. If you have limited lawn space, the large breeds are not for you.

4) Travel

Although it is important to have a guard dog when you need to travel, bear in mind that very frequent travel can negatively affect your dog. If you leave your dog at home and travel for an extended period of time, this will negatively affect the dog. So, if you travel frequently, it is better to go for a small-sized breed, which will be easy to carry along.

5) You Neighbors

This is another important factor to consider, as you should bear their comfort in mind. For instance, a dog that barks a lot may create disturbance. Try to see what the neighbors will answer when you ask them the most relevant breed to keep in your locality. This will help you to find a dog that the neighbors too appreciate, and will love to take care of in your absence.

6) Cost

Different breeds of guard dogs have different prices, in addition to the age of the dog you want. The type of training the dog has received will also increase its cost.

Source by Alicia McWilliams

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