Who else is considering taking a male enlargement pill or supplement? Are you excited at the opportunity to enlarge your anatomy from home? The simple truth is, never has there been more excitement about the different home based expansion opportunities than there are today … and that's GREAT news for any man amongst us who craves great gains from the comfort and convenience of home.

But are ALL enlargement pills and products created equal?

Absolutely not … and this is the TOP trap that many men fall into when looking for a sensible size solution, and do not do the due diligence required to choose properly.

With that in mind, let's look at the 2 MOST important factors for choosing an extension supplement that really DOES live up to the hype.

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The truth? No pill is sufficient, on it's own, to give you the sort of gains you probably crave. Adding exercise, for example, to a male enlargement pack or supplement is a PROVEN way to augment, accentuate and accelerate your gains, and if done properly, offers big benefits in other areas, too. (Including sexual stamina and performance as well)

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Most penis enlargement pills are stuffed with filler ingredients, worthless herbs and garden variety grass .. 🙂 In several studies done by independent laboratories for example, pills put under the microscope were full of ingredients NOT advertised on the bottle. Lead, pesticides, common garden weeds, e.coli and even fecal matter were found in several popular pill products. The truth? The ONLY ingredients thought to improve penis size and health are those that are rich in NATURAL anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, anthyocyanins found in exotic fruits and vegetables. (Pomegranate and other dark skinned fruits being the BEST solution)

The bottom line?

Using a combination of exercise and natural supplementation, you CAN increase your penis size from home … and you can make it happen in a hurry! Learning what to look for, and what to avoid is very important as well … and the 2 simple steps above will help you IGNORE the noise … and focus on getting the results you really crave, I promise!

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