Klebsiella Oxytoca Treatment

Klebsiella Oxytoca, often referred to as just KO, is a bacterium that is responsible for many urinary tract infections. Klebsiella Oxytoca is also responsible for Septicemia which is a very serious infection of the blood which could be life-threatening. The infections caused by KO can be very serious since the bacteria have a greater possibility […]

The Links Between Humidity and Worker Health

Humidity control for many businesses is, quite simply, utterly vital. From a building maintenance point of view, it can help save tens of thousands in costly repairs, whilst for manufacturing firms it can mean the difference between a viable product and a waste of money and time. However, those aren’t the only areas that humidity […]

What the Bible Says About Disciplining Your Children and How to Do it in a Positive Loving Way

What exactly does the Bible say about disciplining your children and how to do it in a positive, loving manner? Children come into the world with open minds. They see things with fresh eyes. Listen to this list of proverbs (most of them non-biblical… common saying we’ve probably all heard a thousand times). A teacher […]

Farsighted Eyes – What Your Optometrist Should Have Told You About This Confusing Vision Condition

Eye terminology can be very confusing. When your optometrist diagnoses you or your family members with farsighted vision, that is usually the end of the explanation. Farsighted vision can create so many different effects on your eyesight that it may not even seem to be one visual condition. Being farsighted (hyperopia) usually results in good […]

Interview with Retz Reeves, Author of "Adopted Paws"

A native of Oakdale, PA, Retz accepted a job in Florida, a state she had never seen, over the phone. She moved to Miami the following weekend with not much more than a bikini and a bottle of suntan lotion. Hurricane David teased the Florida coastline the next Saturday. Undeterred, Retz pursued her investment career […]